Switching Gears into a New Career


      Those of you who know me, know that I'm passionate about many things. I love to learn new things and be good at it as well. My passion is art in any form, painting, sculpting, drawing, designing, embroidery, even landscape design. My art skill has taken me in so many directions in my life even dentistry.

      I've been in the dental field for 13 years now as a Registered Dental Assistant, focusing on Orthodontics.  Some may say, "how does dentistry corollate with art?". Any skill set that someone takes on can be considered an art. There's attention to detail, technique, and a love for what you do. I love anything that involves a hands on experience. 

       After 13 years in the dental field I've found that my interest has grown into my embroidery custom apparel business. In this business I am able to express myself more freely as an artist. I make handmade earrings, kids clothing, pouches and I embroider the things I make. Along with that I take orders for custom embroidery, company orders, personalized gifts. I get a great sense of gratitude from my customers when I help make their visions come true. The items in my online shop will change over time. So come along with me and enjoy this new adventure. 

Thanks for your support.
Traci Morales

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